Kim Kardashian Reportedly Helping To Identify Paris Robbers

Photo: Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images
Kim Kardashian will be fully cooperating in a quest to identify the men that robbed her in Paris, Entertainment Tonight reports. Some of the 10 men facing criminal charges had already begun to confess. Kardashian has spoken about the robbery in public, providing new details about the night in police interviews obtained by French periodicals. Now, she's met with both her attorneys and a French judge to shed more light on the incident in a Wednesday meeting. Presumably this will end with some people going to jail. This is a fairly obvious next step. Some have speculated that the entire ordeal was faked for attention, which seems less and less likely with each passing day. Or, if it is the case, E! has found some people that extremely don't care about their freedom for the chance of a passing mention on a reality television show. Not that we're saying those people don't theoretically exist. They might. Who knows? The diamonds, by the way, are still at large.

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