Anyone Else Projecting Their Feelings Onto The Obamas’ Vacation Outfits?

Photo: Steve Helber/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
ICYMI, the Obamas got their post-Inauguration vacation started as soon as they could get out of Washington, D.C. And they seem to really be making the most of their trip to Palm Springs and, now, the British Virgin Islands. (Hey, they deserve some downtime!) But some were quick to point out how the Obamas may be leaning into this lowkey lifestyle a little too hard, at least in terms of their clothing choices. A series of photos and videos of President Barack and former First Lady Michele Obama from the second leg of their vacation have recently surfaced, and there's already a noticeable shift in their personal style. POTUS' cap, for instance, has been flipped backwards, in true bro fashion. FLOTUS, meanwhile, has stored away all her sensible pencil dresses and stilettos and embraced — gasp! — cutoff shorts and flip flops. (Neither of these garments are typically represented in former First Lady-favorite Jason Wu's collections.)
Now, these are all pretty reasonable wardrobe swaps for a tropical vacation. However, considering the current state of D.C., many are really missing the Obama administration right about now, and projecting their feelings onto basically anything and everything the recently-unemployed couple does — and especially onto what they wear. After all, now that he's totally transitioned out his wardrobe (and, well, taking into account everything that's happened since he jetted off), could Obama possibly be moved to return to D.C. down the line?
So, is Obama's packing list a metaphor for the current state of our country? Are he and Michelle trying to send us a message? Are we just searching for ways to channel all of our emotions regarding the state of the union? Obamas, let us know when you have a moment post-vacation.

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