The Bachelorette‘s Robby & Chase Live-Text The Bachelor & Their Observations Are Pretty Sexist

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Robby Hayes and Chase McNary, who developed a bromance while finishing second and third (respectively) on season 12 of The Bachelorette, are now Bachelor-watching buddies. During Monday's episode, they texted each other some deep, bizarre, and downright offensive thoughts about Nick's contestants. The texts were sent at an Atlanta Bachelor-viewing party for, which begs two questions: 1. Why are they texting each other from the same room? and 2. How much of an influence did the party's organizers have on this exchange? Read the beginning, courtesy of Us, and see if you buy that this is unscripted. Robby Hayes: Are you ready for this episode, bro? Chase McNary: What episode? Oh, Nick? The Bachelorette? RH: Haha. It stars off with Corinne. #GoFigure CM: #would CM: Wait, isn't she the villain or something? CM: Pretty sure Nick and Chris [Harrison] are in the same bowling league. RH: Who "scores" more, you think? It's bad enough for them to compare women to bowling pins, but it gets worse. Chase names Jaimi "septum-ring girl" and says she's "gone Day 1 for me." Then, to top it off, he calls Corinne "young and dumb and …." The implied ending of that sentence is "full of cum," referencing the movie Point Break. Corinne has already been unfairly slut-shamed for making moves on Nick and taking her top off during a photoshoot. While she's also earned a reputation as the season villain for getting into arguments with the other contestants, her sexual behavior is no grounds to criticize her. In the midst of all that, Hayes asks McNary out of nowhere if he believes in ghosts. That conversation never picks back up again, which was disappointing, since it was the most interesting (and least misogynistic) part. Can their next public text conversation please stick to ghosts next time?

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