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We Need To Talk About James Marsden’s Son

I'm going to give you a gift right now: James Marsden has a son. Yes, the actor who wooed you in The Notebook and earned your empathy on HBO's Westworld has a 15-year-old son named Jack Marsden. The smaller Marsden attended the red carpet with his SAG Awards-nominated father, and the internet is struggling to make sense of it.
First, not many of us knew Marsden even had a son. The 43-year-old actor is relatively private, so the public isn't too familiar with his immediate family. Jack Marsden is a product of his father's 11-year marriage to Lisa Linde, which ended in 2011.
Second, Twitter users are stunned that the youthful-looking actor has a teenage son. Last we checked, Marsden wasn't a day over 30. (He's actually 43, but the fact remains.)
Moreover, Jack Marsden — the younger one — is really cool. He wore sunglasses on the red carpet. When I was 15, I could barely wear sunglasses outside. Oh, and the younger Marsden's glasses are Gucci. How's that for badass?
"I'm just trying to keep up with him," Marsden told a People interviewer on the red carpet. The elder Marsden is dressed in traditional fashion — white shirt, bow tie, etc. Jack wears all black, plus a gold bracelet, a shock of platinum hair, and those aforementioned sunglasses. I love you, James, but your son is cooler than you.
Watch the full video, below.
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