Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts Are Different People

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Naomi Watts (left) and Nicole Kidman (right).
The nominations for this year's Oscars were announced on January 24 with the expected aftermath. Amy Adams — snubbed!

La La Land
congrats, but also ugh! Lucas Hedges — surprise! But then, in addition to the snubs, the expected, and the surprises, there were the wildcard moments that followed. First, the Oscars website accidentally listed Adams, as well as Tom Hanks, as nominees in the Best Actress and Best Actor categories, respectively. And now joining them in awkward intern mistakes is the Facebook page for Oscar-nominated film Lion, which stars Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, and Nicole Kidman. Nicole. Kidman. One more time. Nicole Kidman. Knowing this information, can you spot the mistake here?
The film's own page misidentified a key actress in their own movie by saying Naomi Watts (a totally different woman who wasn't even in the movie) was nominated for an Oscar. Of course, the post was swiftly deleted. Kidman's name is even right there on the poster. This is very bad. I know Hollywood is filled with white, blonde women, but come on. Because of their similar coloring, movie roles (both lauded drama actress), nationality, and the fact that they are close friends in real life (they've known each other since their high schools years back in Australia), it's not crazy to confuse the two — but this is an incredibly embarrassing mistake. In conclusion, this is your daily reminder that Kidman and Watts are not the same person. Kidman was in Lion and is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. Watts was in Divergent: Allegiant and Shut-In and is nominated for a Worst Actress at the Razzies. Good luck to them both!

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