Donald Trump Has This In Common With The Sex Pistols

John Lydon, known then as Johnny Rotten, delivered a sendoff for the ages at the conclusion of the Sex Pistols' first and only United States tour in 1978. "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" he asked the crowd at the Winterland Theater in San Francisco. "Good night!" Now, nearly 40 years later, you could swap Donald Trump in for Johnny Rotten and be met with a resounding "Yes!" @Trump_Regrets is a Twitter that compiles tweets from Trump voters that discovered that their candidate was nothing more than a flim-flam artist with little regard for the problems of the common man. Really the only thing separating him from the Wizard of Oz is a curtain. Strange that people don't like using a meeting with the CIA to complain about one's crowd sizes. Taking steps to deprive millions of Americans of healthcare probably doesn't help, either. Oh well, there's no way we could have seen this coming. The complaints, registering after literally a weekend of Trump's presidency, are sadly predictable. Trump's approval rating, for what it's worth, is averaging 42%. We'll include a sampling below.

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