The Women’s March In 36 Powerful Images From Across The U.S.A.

Photo: Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe/Getty Image
While a slew of cities got a head start on the Women's March, there are hundreds of events planned across the United States today. While the main event is happening in the nation's capital, women and men from coast to coast are rallying together to protest President Trump's past comments on women's rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ issues, and xenophobia.
Early Saturday morning, we reported that the Women's March was the largest inaugural protest in history — and there were plenty of reports to prove it. In Chicago, so many were gathered around Grant Park that the march portion of the event had to be canceled. Instead, protestors improvised and transformed the march into a powerful rally. At a gathering in New York, hundreds of women were waiting before dawn for the event to start. As events get underway in cities such as Denver, Dallas, and Los Angeles at the hundreds of sister marches in America, pink pussy hats are spreading from sea to shining sea.
No matter their reason for marching, protestors are making sure that their voices are heard and showing a solidarity that many are comparing to the civil rights movement and anti-war protests that marked American history. With the Women's March, it looks like something powerful is about to be added to the history books.

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