Obama Just Received "The Best" Swag Of His Presidency

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.
We don't always talk about Barack Obama's sense of style all that much (because the guy pretty much sticks to suits and ties), but when we do, it's when it involves "the best swag" he's gotten during his eight years as president. Or, at least, that's how POTUS put it when the Chicago Cubs paid a visit to the White House yesterday and gifted him a treasure trove of personalized gear. We're not sure we've ever seen a man so chuffed to receive a set of new duds than perhaps the reactions of our own dads when they get, say, a new pair of house slippers on Christmas Day.

To celebrate their World Series win, Obama welcomed the Cubs with smiles and, of course, a few jokes. "I will say to the Cubs, it took you long enough. I mean, I've only got four days left. You're just making it under the line," he quipped. The team handed him his very own Obama-emblazoned jersey, adorned with the number 44 — which he'll have to share with player Anthony Rizzo — but another jersey that just reads Chicago, in case he has any mixed feelings about repping the Cubs. (Obama is a devout White Sox fan, FYI.)

But if that wasn't enough, the team also awarded him with a pair of his very own Nike Jordans, customized with his signature. That's right, Obama is trading his Oxford laceups for sneakers that were made just for him because he's the damn President, y'all. This not-so-random and totally awesome act of kindness begs the question: Can you get any swaggier than that?

Now, Obama has had his fair share of athleisure moments throughout the past eight years. And, to no one's surprise, we've been here for every single one. But the fact that the POTUS was so thrilled to receive gear from Chicago's opposing team should remind sports fan (and fashion folks alike) of the importance of being a team player. And to say that we're excited to see him in his post-presidency Cub swag is an understatement. Watch the cuteness in full, below.
Video: Via PBSNewsHour.

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