Sephora’s New Lip Balms Will Transport You Straight To The ’90s

Some might call millennials lazy or entitled, but if you were a kid of the '90s — chances are your childhood was all about working for what you wanted. Need proof? Just think back to PEZ candy dispensers and Bonne Bell lipsticks. For the former, you had to push a button to get your sugar-filled reward. The latter lipsticks were like Push Pops, in that you had to push the product upward every time you wanted to use it.
Photo: Courtesy of Sephora.
So, when we saw the new Sephora Sweet Balms — it brought it way back. And we couldn't contain that nostalgic feeling we had for these slightly unnecessary, albeit totally fun, products. The Sephora Collection Sweet Balms are tinted, and come in three stunning shades: violet, pink, and coral — and it has the exact same tube as the Bonne Belle's of our pasts. (For reference, check out the brand's hilarious ad below.) Only now, we can see the practicality in the design, since getting rid of a cap protects the product inside. (If you've ever had to deal with melted lip balm that smeared the insides of your purse, then you know what we mean.)
To use, just press your finger on the tab and the glossy balm will pop up. While it looks pigmented in the tube, it glides on sheer and leaves behind a subtle hint of glossy color. Even better, all you need is one hand to open it. So, okay, I guess we millennials are kind of lazy — but at least we know a cute lip balm when we see one.

Sephora Collection
Sweet Balm, $6, available at Sephora.

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