Hi Jimmy, You Can’t Joke About Trump Anymore, Remember?

Photo: NBC/Getty Images.
Hi, Jimmy Fallon. We should talk. During your opening monologue, you slammed with a few crowd-pleasing jokes at the expense of Donald Trump. First, you welcomed us to to the ceremony — "One of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote." Ostensibly, this is a joke about how our president-elect found his way to the White House. Because, if you'll recall, Donald Trump did not win the popular vote. Then, Jimmy, you compared our orange-haired future leader to King Joffrey from Game Of Thrones. You said, "A lot of people had wondered what it would have been like if King Joffrey had lived. Well, in 12 days we're going to find out." There was another joke — a weak stab at the people willing to sing at Trump's inauguration — but it's not the specificity of the humor that matters. It's that you employed humor at all. Because, Jimmy Fallon, you lost the right to joke about Donald Trump back in September when you playfully mussed the guy's hair on your own show. When you did that, you removed yourself from the political conversation. Literally, you asked the then-presidential candidate if y'all could find "something that we could do that's not presidential." And then you reached over and snuggled your fingers in his hair. At this point in time — in September — you chose the role of Switzerland. In the election that forced everyone to take a side, you chose the side of apathy. It's possible that your cheeky banter with Trump in fact accelerated the man's win. Here we are, in January, days away from a Donald Trump administration. You cannot enter the conversation now. The situation is dire — not sure if you've been following, but things are getting real. Quite frankly, Jimmy, I'm scared, and you are not allowed to joke about this, especially because in September, you chose not to take Trump seriously. If you want to do a Sting impression, or play soccer with watermelons, please, you have carte blanche. But, please, leave the politics to the people who kept their fingers out of Trump's hair.

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