What To Wear When You Want To Score The Final Rose On The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Ah, The Bachelor. It's the show that, season after season, never disappoints with its one-liners and expertly-crafted, probably (let's be honest, definitely) pre-planned plot lines. In case you've lost count, we're on our 21st round of the popular show. And this time around, the focus is on fourth-time's-the-charm Nick Viall, who, despite past romantic misfortunes on the series, has actually proved to be pretty adorable thus far. Sure, the latest season kicked off just a week ago, but it's off to a pretty great start. The first episode involved those highly-anticipated contestant introductions. (Though we may or may not have already pored over each contestant's bio way before the broadcast.) So, on premiere night, something else caught our eyes: the array of gowns.
Did you notice all the red worn by the season 21 contestants? (They do say it's the hue to wear when you want to attract attention, after all.) And what about all those off-the-shoulder numbers, which felt a bit stuck in a 2015 trend warp? We had to ask ourselves: Is there a secret sauce to dressing for The Bachelor? Can — or should — a contestant wear a certain color, cut, or style during their first meeting with the bachelor, to ensure that they make it to the final rose? Is there one particular silhouette that more or less guarantees elimination?
So many questions, so little time, and so few answers. We got a little creative (read: speculative) and broke down what one should wear in order to receive the greatest accessory in The Bachelor universe: the final rose, a.k.a. the symbol of Viall's thrice-broken heart. Who knows, maybe you'll get some inspiration for future first-date outfits. (Okay, unless they're televised for prime time, probably not.)
Ahead, check out our ratings on a scale of one to five roses of Nick's presumed favorites, and prepare for episode two tonight.

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