You Can Now Buy $300 Jeans With An Intentional “Ass Rip”

You know when you wear ripped jeans on a trip to visit your hometown and your dad gives you a hard time for buying pants with holes in them? That's kind of how I feel right now (to be clear, I'm the dad in this scenario). This morning, the subject line of a newsletter I received from one of my favorite denim brands read "The Name Says It All." I clicked in only to find Re/Done's restock of "The Ass Rip," accompanied by the header, "Bold Move." Bold move, indeed. The denim in question, of course, is just what it sounds like: Re/Done has designed an entire collection of reworked vintage Levi's with intentional rips smack dab on the butt cheek. Ranging from $280 to $320, the intentional rip is featured on some of the brand's model off-duty-favorite silhouettes, like the 'High Rise' and the 'Elsa.' And though the description on the Elsa's product page insists the jean is truly "all about the leg," we have a feeling this particular style is all about, well, a different area of the body.

The Ass Rip Jean is back and it's #Friday. We're excited. Shop now using the link in our bio #shopredone

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To reiterate, I'm a proud owner of a few pairs of Re/Dones. They may be expensive, but they make anyone's backside look far better than any ill-fitting vintage pair you come across (unless, of course, you're really, really lucky with thrifting). Call me conservative all you want, but I personally prefer to show off my *peach emoji* fully-clothed; and if I wanted a rip in my pants, I'd save my $300 and "bend-and-snap" my way to a little seam-bursting in a pair that's a size too-tight (which has probably happened to many of us, one too many times). But, I'm not really advocating for the D.I.Y. route here, either. Needless to say, I'll be sitting this one out. If you, however, happen to invest in an "Ass Rip" of your own (hey, you do you), I'd love to hear how it feels when you plop your booty down on a cold, bacteria-ridden subway seat. Exactly.

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