Who Killed Wes On How To Get Away With Murder?

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After the How To Get Away With Murder midseason finale, it wasn't immediately clear whether or not Wes (Alfred Enoch) was murdered. Sure, we had our assumptions — and the title of the show — but really, who would want to kill our favorite puppy-dog? Now, we officially know someone killed Wes. But who?
If last week's episode is any indication, Wes died before the fire, not during it. That means the D.A.'s report that Wes died from asphyxiation is pretty suspicious. But since Wes' body was cremated, a second autopsy's not exactly possible.
Could Nate (Billy Brown) have had something to do with Wes' death? It's not clear why Nate was checking in on Wes' body and relaying the news to Annalise (Viola Davis) if he wasn't involved. And it would be a great twist for perennially good-guy Nate to end up being one of the show's major villains. It seems less likely that Nate was involved now that he's talking to Annalise again, and we know the D.A. forged his signature on the transfer form, but we're not ruling anything out.

How to Get Away with Murder
loves to leave us hanging — and if Wes' shocking death was any indication, nothing is certain on this show. Click through to see our best guesses about how he really died.

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