A Brief Reminder Of Everyone Who Has Died On Scandal

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Warning: Spoilers for ABC’s Scandal ahead.
In just a few short weeks, Scandal will be back for its sixth season. While last season focused on primarily on the political moves of the presidential hopefuls on their respective campaign trails, the series will resume by allowing the chips to fall and determine who succeeds President Grant in office.
Under the lights of the debate stages and camera flashes framing the candidates, we’ve lost sight of the kind of sinister plans that typically drive both Scandal and Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm. Before it started to take its “political drama” descriptor so seriously, Scandal could very well have gone by the name of another Shonda Rhimes drama, How to Get Away Murder. Pope & Associates have both covered and uncovered the truth behind the deaths of multiple characters. Why use law and order to solve problems when Huck has a drill and Papa Pope is omnipresent?
In preparation for the show’s return on January 19, and with hopes that shocking murders will once again challenge us to live tweet faster than we’ve ever done before on Thursdays, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Here is a list of just about everyone who has died on Scandal. May they rest in peace.

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