This News Will Help Hold Game Of Thrones Fans Over Until Next Season

Storybook Cosmetics is bringing us a category of beauty products we didn’t know we needed. That's right, it's one of the brands tapping into our oft-forgotten love of all things magical. With a lineup that already includes a Wizard Of Oz eyeshadow palette, Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes that sold out before we could say wingardium leviosa, and — if the rumors are true — a set of Star Wars lightsaber brushes, we can’t get enough of the brand’s appeal to our inner fantasy movie buff. If you’ve continued to evade the reality of adulthood by embracing the fantastical, we’ve got even more good news for you. According to the company’s latest Instagram, Storybook is currently working to secure licensing for a potential Game Of Thrones collection.
Nothing is set in Valyrian steel just yet, but based on the mock-up art, we’re behind this collaboration 100%. After all, the insanely popular HBO series isn’t exactly an unexpected choice for beauty inspiration. We’ve already spent the past six seasons obsessing over Daenerys Targaryen’s braiding prowess and Cersei’s (pre-buzz) strawberry blond waves, so why not add a whimsical highlighter to the list? Our only hope is that we don’t have to wait as long for this collection as we do between seasons...

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