Jaclyn Hill Teased Her New Launch — & It's Sending Makeup Fans Into A Tizzy

Update: If you're unfamiliar with the term 'beauty porn,' allow us to introduce you to Jaclyn Hill's new eyeshadow palette with Morphe. The beauty vlogger took to Snapchat to tease a series of highly pigmented makeup swatches in every color from champagne to emerald green. (Seriously, the shade range is expansive — the palette will boast an impressive 35 eyeshadows with matte, shimmery, or foiled finishes.)
And the drop date is right around the corner. Hill said that on June 5 she'll announce exactly when you can pick it up (but hinted that it'll be sometime in June). We'll keep you posted as soon as we get more info.
Update (February 3, 2017): Jaclyn Hill just gave the world what they were asking for: Photographic proof of what's inside this mystical palette. Last night, the beauty vlogger took to her Snapchat to share everything from the packaging — a sleek, silver casing — to shadow swatches, and each one is better than the next. Observe, below.
Photo: Via Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat.
The Jaclyn Hill Palette is embossed with a letter to fans that reads, "Creating this palette has truly been a dream come true for me. Morphe gave me full creative control and allowed me to customize my dream palette for everyone to enjoy! Every shade was customized by me and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do. I put my heart and soul into this palette and hope my pickiness pays off." Speaking of payoff...
Photo: Via Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat.
Photo: Via Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat.
We didn't get a full look at the 35 shade range, but the sneak peeks we got were so damn pigmented. This March launch couldn't come soon enough.
Update (January 23, 2017): If beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill's posts these last few weeks have left you on the edge of your seat, there are two things you should know. First, we wouldn't blame you (in fact, we're right there with you). And secondly, Hill finally announced the news we've all been waiting for: She is teaming up with Morphe Brushes to release her Jaclyn Hill Palette. Though not much was revealed in her Instagram reveal, we do know the palette will feature 35 brand-new shadow shades, and will be out in March. Here's hoping we'll see even more sneak peeks in our future.
Update (January 11, 2017): As if the news circulating the internet right now hasn't already sent you through an emotional roller coaster, beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill just gave us another. Late last night, the YouTuber confirmed on Twitter that her upcoming beauty launch — a tease that threw makeup fans everywhere for a loop earlier this month — isn't actually her own makeup line, as we originally suspected. (At least not yet.)
But don't be too sad about the news. She also let a hint slip about the product itself — it'll be an eyeshadow palette collab with another brand. And while she didn't drop any more info, we're willing to wager it's enough to keep the beauty world buzzing for the next few days.
This story was originally posted on December 30, 2016.
Jaclyn Hill, one of YouTube's OG beauty vloggers, has had one hell of a year. First, she teamed up with Becca Cosmetics to launch a limited-edition Champagne Pop highlighter. The product sold so fast (it actually broke a Sephora record for most purchased on its release day) that she quickly introduced another, warmer iteration called Prosseco Pop — which also flew off the virtual shelves.
But if you thought 2016 would be the year Hill reached her peak, we've got news — kind of. The YouTube star took to Twitter late last night to drop a hint about her next beauty collab, which she claims has been two years in the making.
Hill added that she'd be hinting at the lucky partner in the next two weeks. Given her massive online following, you might be able to guess what people did next: They lost their collective shit. Dozens of fans replied to the tweet with words — and GIFs — of affirmation.
Some even guessed that the news might include her very own cosmetics line, which she first mentioned that she was working on two years ago. Whatever it is, there's one thing we know for sure: The best things in life are worth the wait.

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