Mindy Kaling's Gift From Friend Sonia Kharkar Is Pure Present Goals

Mindy Kaling has the best friends ever. Or best friend, in the singular. The Mindy Project creator and actress posted a photo on Instagram of a gift from her friend Sonia Kharkar, and the gift is genius — it's the stuff of friendship legend. Kharkar gave Kaling a set of a dessert plates, each one emblazoned with Kaling herself, chowing down on various foods.

According to the post, Kharkar, who is also Kaling's assistant, has had this in the works for years. Kaling writes the in caption, "For years @soniakharkar has been taking photos of me when I'm eating and I would always ask her why the hell she was doing that."

Why would she do that? Because she's a damn good friend, that's why. On the plates, you can view the 37-year-old actress munching on pasta, sipping on smoothies, and scooping up ice cream, among other activities.

Dimly lit photos aside, they're really nice plates. Props for quality, Kharkar. The dishes have a Martha Stewart-worthy white and gold trim, so it's not just a gag gift, really. This is a utilitarian gift, for use at swanky dinner parties and brunches.

Which brings me to this: where can we buy these plates? Sure, fine, they're for Mindy Kaling. But I think I speak for everyone when I say I would love to have a set of dishes featuring an actress chowing down. There's a business idea, here, folks. I want Bella Hadid eating grilled cheese on soup bowls. Kendall Jenner masticating a burger on coffee mugs. Or how about a whole set of china featuring Chrissy Teigen eating anything at all?

Clearly, Sonia Kharkar is a genius. And a really good friend. Below, find the gifted glory.

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