Katy Perry Trolls Orlando Bloom’s Instagram Like The Good Girlfriend She Is

You know what the most telling sign of a healthy relationship is? Knowing how to mercilessly make fun of each other. That's right" The couples that teases together stays together. And that means that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are basically on the fast track to lifelong romantic bliss.
You might remember that Bloom starred as the beautiful blond elf Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. On Monday, the actor posted an Instagram collage of throwback photos to commemorate the 15th anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring's opening day. Two of the snaps feature Bloom's blue contact lenses (his eyes are brown), while another has the Aussie laughing while wearing his Legolas wig.
Girlfriend Katy Perry wasted no time dutifully trolling her beloved in the comments section. "You look like Jen Aniston on the lower right babe," she wrote, referring to the shot of Bloom in his blond wig. She's not totally off. And who knows? Maybe Bloom actually appreciated his girlfriend's cheeky comparison. We sure would.

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