This Selfie Pose Is About To Be All Over Your Instagram Feed

Long before Instagram or the term "selfie" was a thing, I remember clicking through MySpace photos and marveling at the uniformity of profile pics. It was almost always the same: a pouted lip, extended arm, and high angle made for a basic — but much beloved — MySpace look. Now, new sites and apps have replaced MySpace, and, appropriately, other self-portrait trends have replaced the once-essential "MySpace pic." So what's the selfie trend du jour? Relax your lips from their duckface and try this trend on, instead. Glamour spotted this pose hiding in the 'grams of your most selfie-prone celebrities, and it's honestly genius. While there are so many selfie trends to pick from, this is the only one that can hide smudged lipstick and make it appear like you were trained by Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model. It's chic and, more importantly, it's just plain functional.

burger please

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J a n e #fbf

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Pimp hand scrong ?

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Last day at @asos_studio for now ?? new hair? @radiantlondonsalon

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While there's a very real chance that this hand-to-face trend will become as maligned as the famous duck pout, I'm all for any trend that makes the wearer more confident. If the only way you feel comfy posting a pic of yourself is with a hand covering up some of your face, do you. You certainly won't be alone.

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