Duckface Isn’t The Only Cheesy Selfie Trend On Instagram

My friends used to make fun of me for what they dubbed my "mirror face." Every time I caught sight of my own reflection — whether in the bathroom or walking past a storefront window — I inadvertently (or perhaps a wee advertently) puckered my lips into an unnatural, slightly open, what-I-thought-seemed-prettier pout. It was an awkward look (hence the teasing), something models could pull off on the catwalk and in magazines — not teenage girls with obsessive crushes and frizzy hair. And this was all before you could even take a picture with your phone.
But eventually, everyone would catch on (or catch up). First came digital cameras and the ability to almost instantly check out your look. Then came phones that let you see yourself and take your own photo simultaneously. Add in the internet shareability factor, and everyone's "mirror faces" came out. Sucking in cheeks, widening eyes, and puffing out lips became the norm. It still looks just as silly, but people like it. I will put a duckface selfie on Instagram and the likes will come rolling in, while my beautiful shot of the scenic lake I'm visiting tops out in the low double-digits.
There's no wrong way to take a selfie, or pose for any pic (except, of course, looking down at the camera). But since the world has become our mirror and each of us has become a curator of our own image, many new selfie techniques have popped up. Here, we take a look at the standout poses we've seen over the years — get ready to master the Squinch.

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