This Is What Happens When Will Smith Tries To Give Willow & Jaden Fashion Advice

Well, it looks like Will Smith is the latest celebrity parent to learn an age-old lesson in parenting: Unsolicited advice does not go over all that well. Apparently, the Collateral Beauty actor was feeling bold enough to comment on Willow and Jaden Smith's style. The pair is accomplished beyond their years as notable faces of Generation Z, especially in the fashion arena. But the response to their dad's fashion commentary was downright saucy.
Smith posted about his ill-received words of style wisdom on his Facebook page earlier today. "This is the picture my kids showed me the last time I tried to comment on their fashion. Haha! Last time I do that," he wrote. The photo, of course, is a snapshot from Smith's days on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In its six-year run, the television show brought us look after look of the funkiest styles the '90s had to offer. (That's right, we're trying to bring funky back.) In fact, there were so many iconic #ootds, you could basically fill an entire museum exhibition and host a Fresh Prince-themed Met Gala. Think: multicolored vests, backwards hats, psychedelic windbreakers, dad denim, Nikes, etc. Ahem, Anna, we're looking at you. But seriously, we're all too familiar with this scenario, Will. Our parents are usually the first to voice their confusion on what's cool and hip these days. And they're typically pretty unapologetic about it (and depending how woke your parents are, it can come out in the funniest way). But the next time mom or dad tries their hand at reading your look, remind them of what they thought was trendy during their own wonder years. We suggest keeping an arsenal of vintage shots in your phone so you're ready to dish it back at a shady moment's notice.

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