This Is The Ridiculous Hibernation Hoodie We Need Right Now

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
It's getting colder, the nights are darker, and every day it gets more and more tempting to curl up into a ball and never emerge until the spring. We might have found a way to do that and be a functioning member of society, and it's thanks to comedian Jon Glaser. Glaser appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to promote his show Jon Glaser Loves Gear, and he brought some pretty funky gear of his own.

It's called a "relaxation hoodie," and unlike normal hoodies, this one zips up over your head to provide ultimate isolation. There are mesh eye holes and pockets perfectly positioned for hugging yourself. Plus, it comes in a shade of bright pink, so people will remember to step over you while you're hibernating on the floor, in your office, or in the middle of the street.

To test them out, both Glaser and Fallon zipped up and turned down the studio lights. There was relaxing music, featuring opera "performed" by Glaser and a lot of soft speaking to keep the vibe chill. It's unclear where these hoodies are available, but we could probably recreate it just as effectively with our own hoodies and the fluffy blankets on our beds.
Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

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