So, What’s Next For Michelle Obama?

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The Obamas will leave the White House soon — and in case you didn't notice, some of us are already feeling pretty heartbroken. But in the middle of our nostalgia trip, we realized one crucial question has yet to be answered: What. Will. Michelle. Obama. Do. Next?
After eight years as first lady and queen of our hearts, it's panic-inducing to think that she and all of her awesomeness will disappear from the public eye.
While she and POTUS have been saying she has no desire to run for office herself, it's highly unlikely that she'll disappear from the public eye altogether. At the end of the day, Michelle Obama will have a variety of options after being a high-profile advocate against childhood obesity, a sought-after talk-show guest, a Democratic power player, and a fashion maven.
Just as the first lady's role is undefined, with each woman molding it to her personality, interests, and comfort level, there is no script for what comes after the first lady finishes the job.
The widowed Jackie Kennedy remarried and became a New York book editor. Laura Bush continues her advocacy for literacy and women in Afghanistan. Hillary Clinton launched her own political career with her bid for the U.S. Senate, even before her family left the White House.
So, what's in store for FLOTUS' future? Ahead, we take a stab at what she is likely to do — and what she's likely not to do — when she returns to "private" life on January 20.

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