Donald Trump's Pop Culture Cabinet

Photo: Seth Wenig/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
President-elect Donald Trump just met with another peculiar celebrity figure on the heels of his very public meeting with Kanye West. According to multiple sources, Trump sat down with Anna Wintour to discuss... who knows? Wintour was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter during the election, but recently changed lanes and now shows inklings of support for Trump. She even recently apologized for publicly critiquing him.

It feels like Trump is launching his own fashion line instead of building a political cabinet, and maybe that's because he is fusing together the two. As Buzzfeed journalist Anne Helen Petersen points out, Trump is better classified as a celebrity rather than a politician. His public image and appearance is something he cares deeply about. The media is permanently at odds with Trump (for many reasons) but most recently for pushing back important announcements regarding his presidency in order to hang out with his new famous friends.

If Trump does want a pop culture cabinet, then I've got one ready for him. God knows there's a variety of outspoken celebs with unique skills to offer any president. Using what I know about celebrities, I've built a dream cabinet for Trump, full of the year's finest.

Meet the totally qualified imaginary cabinet.

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