United Airlines’ Holiday Commercial Is One Of Our Favorites This Season

Two of the most exhausting parts of the holiday season are traveling and — I hate to admit this — spending time with family. With that said, those two things can also be the most enjoyable parts of this time of year, if you do them right and follow a few rules. United Airlines takes on the similarities between these two key parts of the holidays in its new commercial, and it's so clever. The scene starts with a big family seated at a beautifully set table piled high with delicious food. The eldest family members stand at the head of the table and begin delivering a spiel about how best to enjoy this family dinner. The speech includes some valuable advice like, "keep your belts loose" and "make sure the food is off your face before assisting or mocking others." Clearly, each piece of the grandparents' instruction is a cute riff on the speeches given by flight attendants before take-off. To drive the point home, Grandma even has a cute scarf tied around her neck like an old-school stewardess. The most charming part of this commercial is that you might recognize a few familiar characters. I mean doesn't every family have a Jerry? Watch this family get taken through the necessary steps for a wonderful holiday feast — and start looking forward to you own.

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