The Original Rainbow Makeup Is Getting A Major Upgrade — 100 Years Later

In case you've been living under a sad, black-and-white rock: Rainbow makeup is everywhere right now. From a Wet n Wild highlighter to colorful brush sets, it appears the ROYGBIV trend has picked up steam more in the past few months than ever before. But have you ever wondered how we got to this place? The answer might surprise you. Turns out, Japanese-based beauty brand Shiseido launched its very first Rainbow Face Powder in 1917. (To put that in perspective, this was when Albert Einstein was still testing the theory of relativity and women didn't yet have the right to vote.) The range featured seven loose-powder pigments in various colors, each meant to neutralize different skin concerns, like color-correctors. Now — because most things have changed for the better — the brand is celebrating its rainbow powders by giving them a very fancy upgrade.
The colors have remained the same as they were 100 years ago: yellow to brighten the skin; green to neutralize redness; rose and peony to use as blush; lavender to counteract dullness; and beige and white to set the final result. But Shiseido has sprinkled in some modern-day skin-care ingredients, like hydrating hyaluronic acid and a finely milled, breathable powder. Even better, each shade comes in its own little jewelry box, so you can gift it without the receiver thinking you're shading their less-than-perfect complexion.

Limited-Edition 7 Colors Powder Revival Centennial Edition, $200, available at Shiseido.

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