This Is What Everyone Was Tweeting About In 2016

After these last few months, it would be easy to think that the only conversations that happened on Twitter all year had to do with the election. Sparring on both sides of the aisle got, erm, heated, and what each candidate said to and about the other online was just as newsworthy as what was said at an in-person debate.
Remember this key nasty woman moment?
But although one of the most retweeted tweets of 2016 was indeed a powerful one from Hillary Clinton herself, the topics that trended across Twitter expanded far beyond the United States presidential election.
The top 10 most tweeted-about moments spanned across pop culture, sports, international relations, and social activism. They include everything from the surprising return of a childhood game to the HBO show that has resulted in more fan theories than we ever thought possible. Yes, people are still mourning Hodor.
Click through to count down from Twitter's 10th most trending topic to the somewhat surprising winner. From #Trump to #PokémonGo, these are the things that got the internet talking in 2016.

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