Nicki Minaj Accused Of Mocking Mentally Ill Woman

Nicki Minaj's latest Instagram post is causing quite the stir. More than 11,000 people have commented on a video the rapper uploaded yesterday. The video shows Minaj trying to have a conversation with a woman who is seen pacing up and down the sidewalk with a blue Solo cup in one hand. The woman seems distraught and yells at the "Super Bass" singer that she's doesn't "need her help." She then shouts at her to "go away." In response, Minaj laughs and tries to lure the woman over to her vehicle. "Miss, you look nice," Minaj replies. "Can we talk?" The woman ignores her and continues walking down the street. Minaj added the crying-with-laughter emoji to the video, indicating that she found the exchange amusing. Many of her followers, however, beg to differ.


A video posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

As NME notes, commenters have claimed that the woman in the video is locally known in Miami's South Beach area, and is mentally ill. Though that information has not been confirmed, Minaj is now being accused of humiliating and bullying the woman. "This video was unnecessary," wrote one commenter. "It's obvious the woman has a problem, and you think that social media needs to see it." "You should be ashamed of yourself," added another. "Why are you annoying a women who is clearly not in a mental state of mind to talk back to you in a decent conversation without aggression? I always liked your music, but after this I no longer am a fan. You are as fake as they get. Maybe after everything you've been through with your own father, you might show some sympathy and be more respectful to people who are clearly suffering. Shame on you." "Very disappointed," reads another comment. "Don't ever forget where you come from Nicki!!!!!!" Minaj has yet to comment or take down the video. Some fans are standing by her, arguing that they found the encounter to be entertaining. But, even if the woman isn't actually mentally ill, doesn't the video still feel so unnecessary?

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