Nicki Minaj’s Response To Running Into The Real Housewives Is Hilarious

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Nicki Minaj is not so much a relatable figure as she is an aspirational one. Unlike, say, Nas or Tupac, the view she offers isn't into the real world, but into one of her own making. Her ability is a lot like Golden Age Jay Z: To make you think that if you were as boss and fabulous as she is, you would be rewarded with a commensurate level of fame. So we're not exactly shocked when her response to accidentally showing up on the set of Real Housewives of New York is everything we could hope for. Page Six writes about an insanely amusing incident in which she found herself at Jue Lan Club with boyfriend Meek Mill as the Housewives were filming. “There were seven or eight of them doing two scenes at a time,” an insider told the publication. “Bethenny [Frankel], Tinsley, Ramona [Singer] and the Countess [LuAnn de Lesseps] were there.” Meek and Nicki entered the restaurant, and decided they wanted zero part of the iconic socialite franchise. “They walked through the filming and [Minaj] was like, ‘Meek, keep walking. Get the fuck out of here. Go upstairs,” someone on the scene told Page Six. That is exactly how you ought to react to bumping into the Housewives: Swiftly and profanely exiting. Not that Nicki Minaj appearing on the show would be unamusing. She has the unique ability to dominate any room, remaining outré without saying a single word. But what would she gain from being on-screen with Bethenny Frankel? Presumably we would be treated to a lot of the Housewives saying things while Minaj and Mill stared blankly back. Also, hilarious to imagine Meek Mill's confused expression as he's being ordered around. Actually, forget everything we just said. Can we please have that show? Bravo?

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