10 Questions We Have After The Insane Westworld Finale

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sunday night's epic Westworld finale was surprisingly satisfying. The 90-minute episode fulfilled the show runners' promise to answer many of our major questions. [Yes, spoilers ahead, obviously.] Yes, the Man In Black is William 30 years ago. We have in fact been watching multiple timelines. Indeed, Wyatt is Dolores. All along, Ford has been the invisible hand removing the barriers to the hosts achieving true self-awareness and seeking freedom; he set Maeve on her path. The Maze is actually more of a metaphor for consciousness. And there are other parks. (Hello, Samurai World!)
But oh boy, do we have questions. The finale opened up as many new doors of possibility as it shut in confirming or debunking theories about the show's universe. We won't be getting any real answers until the show returns in late 2017 or early 2018, sadly. But in the meantime, we're taking stock of the remaining mysteries and loose ends we have after the Westworld season one finale.

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