All The Secret Ways To Find Snapchat's Official Stories

One of the most frustrating things about Snapchat is that, unlike Instagram, it lacks a "Discover" tab. This means that it's far harder to discover new people to follow and, unless you know their usernames, just as tough to figure out which of your favorite celebs and public figures use the app.

All of that is finally about to get way easier: There are a few Easter eggs that you need to know to find Snapchat's Official Stories. Only a select group of Snapchatters, primarily athletes, celebs, and other people in the public eye, earn the coveted "official" distinction on the app, which is denoted by an emoji next to their username.

Want to figure out which of your favorite singers and actresses are sharing stories? There are ways to search directly within Snapchat. We've rounded up all of the hidden tools right here, so you can finally find all the stories you really want to see. If you thought you knew all of Snapchat's secrets, prepare to have your mind blown.

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