Twitter Points Out Hillary's Fleece Is More Experienced Than Trump

Much has been made of Hillary Clinton's pantsuits. And it's true, Secretary Clinton has been serving fire pantsuit looks for decades. But a twitter user with the memory of an elephant and the eyes of an eagle and the search skills of a pissed-off 14-year-old has noticed an item of clothing Clinton has been rocking long enough that the clothing would be able to legally drink.

Twitter user @lookwhoitiz says that Clinton's Patagonia fleece is more experienced than Donald Trump.
And user @ughsarahd confirms that she's been rocking it for 21 years. That's a durable fleece.
The first known photo of the fleece, according to the Huffington Post, was taken during a hike in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with husband Bill in 1995. So, yes, the fleece has indeed spent more time in the White House than President-elect Trump. Given Trump's disdain for receiving top-secret briefings, it's possible the fleece has heard more classified information than the incoming President. No word yet on the fleece's email practices, but we'll update you if it starts doing crazy shit like holding conversations with world leaders on unsecured phone lines.

If poly-blends could talk!

You can't get that exact fleece anymore, but you can buy a damn similar one.

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