This Suitcase Transforms Into A Dresser Right Before Your Eyes

Photo: Courtesy of ShelfPack.
Perhaps you're familiar with this scenario: You arrive back to your childhood home for a holiday visit, only to discover that your parents have taken over your bedroom, and there's no space for your stuff. Yes, it's their home, but come on, what are you supposed to do with your clothes? You can either drape them over the new StairMaster or you can get yourself a ShelfPack Suitcase. The ShelfPack was invented by Ken McKaba, a software engineer, who thought up the concept while on a long business trip. He was sick of having to dig through his luggage every day, so he thought up the idea for a suitcase that would convert into shelving. With his engineer's brain, he was able to turn that idea into a reality. Each ShelfPack suitcase comes with four built-in shelves that are supported by a retractable frame. When unfolded completely, the shelves stand at 42 inches high, offering plenty of space for your clothing and other items. There are also three outer pockets, and the case rolls. The ShelfPack will save you a lot of unpacking time and save you a fight with your parents when you arrive back home. Now, if only we could just combine it with the motorized Modobag, so all our travel problems would be solved.
ShelfPack Suitcase, $349, available at ShelfPack.

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