Beyoncé’s New Lemonade-Themed Holiday Merch Sleighs

Beyoncé has deigned to acknowledge the human trend of buying Christmas sweaters. Beyoncé, who experiences neither cold nor heat, has released a set of Lemonade-themed holiday merch that is sure to have fans typing credit card information into her online store so furiously that their keyboards will break. We could treat you to some more lines about Beyoncé, but let's just see that thing.
Of course, Bey doesn't just stop at a hoodie. Her merch includes "Boy Bye" boy shorts and sweatpants, an "I Came To Sleigh" crop top, and a tank top with her face on it. And she isn't alone in creating a shirt that references that particular lyric. ASOS, ever with their finger on the pulse, has this big t-shirt available with the same damn pun. But why buy the knockoff when you can get the real thing? After all, that's kind of what Lemonade is all about. You don't want to be Becky with the bad shirt. Check out our guide to other sweaters that will help dismantle the patriarchy here.

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