So This Is Why You’ve Never Seen Chrissy Teigen In Flats

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
We’ve seen Chrissy Teigen do it all: modeling, breastfeeding, cooking, you name it. But one thing we’ve never seen her do? Wear flats, apparently. Scrutinize her Instagram if you must, but the 5’9” model claims she always sticks to what her feet love most: six-inch stilettos. If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering how anyone could be more comfortable in heels than sneakers. But Teigen had an interesting explanation for PopSugar about her predilection for heels. "I'm very uncomfortable in flats. My calves are actually abnormally tight, [and I'm] flat-footed and very relaxed in a 6-inch heel,” she told the site. “It's very bad for your lower back, and I have to see a chiropractor twice a week because of it, but, yeah.” Teigen goes on to defend her footwear of choice against every protest we might have. What about flip-flops? “I don’t like things in between my toes.” How about ballet flats? “[They] look goofy on me, because you can see the shape of my foot through them.” The only exception she makes is when she hits the gym. Though she’s only worn her Stan Smiths in public post-workout one time, she’s somewhat open to sporting Yeezys or Common Projects. But don’t expect athleisure kicks to become a Teigen style staple anytime soon. For now (and possibly forevermore), she’ll stick to her heels, and we’ll watch, wincing, from afar.

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