Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 21 Recap: The Finale!

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That’s a wrap on Season 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sunday’s finale was about moms, momagers, and a mom-to-be. Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney want to do something special for Chyna before the baby comes. Kim wants a new gig. Kris wrecks her car down the street from her house, and Rob is, well, Rob. Kourtney gets Chyna on the phone. Khloé tells Chyna that they want to do something special for her since they are all going to be out of town on the day of the baby shower that Chyna is having. “We want to spoil you and lavish you,” Khloé says. Chyna loves the idea but suggests just keeping it small and intimate. Running the Kardashian empire is Kris Jenner’s full-time job, but sometimes one of the crew falls through the cracks. Khloé is struggling to get the attention she needs from her momager. She complains to Kim about Kris not helping facilitate a business deal that Khloé wants to do with fitness merchandise. This gets Kim to thinking. “She’s a good manager,” Kim says about her mom. “But she’s just dropping the ball a lot lately.” Speaking of Kris, Khloé’s assistant breaks the news that Kris has been in a car accident. A contingent of Kardashians (and one Kanye West) rush to the scene. Kris is okay, but her new Bentley is totaled. The accident shakes everyone up. “It’s just a car. We’ll buy a new one. Can’t buy a new mommy,” Khloé says giving her mom a hug. The accident gives Kim an opportunity to take the momager role for a spin. Kris is taking some time to recover. Kim steps in to help out with her sister’s schedules and business. “Just chill. I’ll help,” she says to Kris. Kim says that she has joked that she should be Kylie’s manager, so this is her chance. She gets Kylie on the phone and has some suggestions about the youngest’s “glam” team for an upcoming trip to Australia. Kylie doesn’t sound so sure about her change in management.
Season 12, including the short time-out for Rob & Chyna, has had a lot of Rob drama even without a lot of Rob. He manages to stir up trouble without doing much of anything. He, Khloé, Scott, and Kim have a chat about Rob’s relationship. Rob tells them that he and Chyna don’t live together and that neither of them is comfortable at the other’s house. Kim straight-up asks if they are still engaged, and Rob doesn’t give her much of an answer. Khloé is concerned. She thought they were in a good place. “A baby doesn’t fix anything,” Khloé says. When Kim and Scott are alone, Kim expresses some of her concerns about Rob and Chyna’s relationship. “What do you think about them not living together?” Kim asks. “I’m not the best person to ask,” Scott says, stating the obvious. But Scott is hopeful because, to him, being a parent is the best job in the world. For all of his challenges and ups and downs in prior seasons, Scott really is the heart of Season 12. Kim sets up a meeting for Khloé with some of Kim’s merchandise people (the ones who help bring Kimoji ashtrays into the world) as part of her new manager duties. Khloé is excited for the attention and her sister’s expertise. Kim has built her own empire, Khloé reasons, so why not let her be Kris’s mini-me for a minute? Kim checks in on Kylie at a photo shoot and makes the time to review all of the looks. She asks Khloé to stop by to prep for the merchandise meeting. Kim is multi-tasking, and she thinks she’s killing it. Hold that thought, Kim. The plan to give Chyna something “small and intimate” and to spoil her gets derailed by the latest Rob and Chyna fight. Kourtney suggests throwing Rob a shower. “We want to do something fun and positive,” she says. She and Khloé call Rob, and he is appreciative of the idea of doing something for him and Chyna. Scott does his part by coordinating a parenting class for Rob. Rob can change a diaper! Being a dad is hard! Quick cut to Kim, talking on two phones with another one ringing. She’s booking travel. She’s coordinating schedules. “I am like super overwhelmed,” she says. Being a momager is hard! Little did she realize her job was just about to get harder. She misses the meeting that she set up for Khloé. When Khloé calls her on it, Kim is defensive. “I can’t be in two places at once,” she says. Khloé is irritated because she is always the last one on the list and the one that gets forgotten or bumped for Kylie. She questions why Kim took over for Kris if she was just going to do the same things Kris had been doing. Kim apologizes and owns up to her mistake. “I don’t want her to feel like there’s no one there to support her,” Kim says about Khloé. Part two of Scott’s Parenting Boot Camp involves taking Rob to the fanciest home daycare ever to appear on television. It proves that there is at least one house in Calabasas not owned by a Kardashian, and this one is overrun with children of all ages, too. Rob and Scott have a Home Alone moment, but Rob pulls it together. Scott’s not as concerned about Rob becoming a dad any longer. “You’re a good-hearted person, and you’re going to be a good-hearted dad,” Scott says.
Kris is out of bed and on a mission. She and Scott hit up the baby store, and Kris throws her energy and her credit card into the baby shower. Little does she know that the drama around the shower has leveled up. Rob and Chyna are fighting again. According to Kim, they text each other crazy things all night long. Rob tells Kim that he doesn’t want to come to the shower because the pregnancy has been bad for him. Zero tears are shed for Rob on that one. “I don’t like being in the middle of these two,” Kim says. Seriously, who would? But Kim picks up the phone and calls Chyna. “You should just have it for Rob,” Chyna suggests, sounding like the voice of reason. She understands the dilemma, and she appreciates the call.
The shower gets reworked to focus just on Rob. Kris orders hats for everyone that say “DILF” because that’s totally appropriate from your mom. Scott asks why he never got a shower with any of his three kids. It turns out he could have this one because Rob doesn’t show up. He calls in a snit and says he’s not coming if Chyna’s not coming. Kylie’s over it. Kim has had it. Shower over. DILF hats for nothing and nobody. A couple of days later, Rob realizes his mistake and apologizes for ruining the shower. A set of balloons that say “I Love You Mom” and all is forgiven. The family scrambles to get together for one last big set piece for the season. Rob and Chyna arrive at Kourtney’s to open the presents. Kris gives them the baby bunting that Rob wore home from the hospital when he was born. Season 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians might be over, but the Rob and Chyna baby special is on its way, because, of course, it is. No worries. Dream Kardashian is well prepared for her TV debut with an Hermès robe and two mini Range Rovers. Unless Kris wrecks them before then.

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