Colbert Makes Fun Of Apple’s New Holiday Gift In The Most Apple Way

Earlier this week, Apple dropped a new product in a very un-Apple way. The release wasn't preceded by months of speculation online and there was no big press conference to announce its arrival. There was just a lone press release touting what is (likely) the company's last product announcement of 2016 (unless we do see AirPods before the year is out). The lack of fanfare is due to the fact that unlike Apple's other major releases this year, this one is (drumroll please)...a book. No, not another new MacBook Pro. Just, a book.
Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Designed by Apple in California is the coffee-table book that every major Apple-obsessed buyer will be getting for Christmas this year. It is big, white, and contains 450 photographs of Apple products through the ages. It is a beautiful, nostalgic look at the technology of yore, but the $199 and $299 price tags (depending on if you buy the small or large size) are hard to swallow. Especially when you consider that for a few hundred dollars more, you could get the new iPhone 7. Many have joked about the release, but none have done it quite so elegantly and in such spot-on Apple fashion as Stephen Colbert. The spoof, which mimics Apple ads that have appeared at the company's launch events, talks about the book's "touch-page technology" and "no headphone jack design," which combine to make it "the most advanced book" Apple has ever made. Watch the full clip below for some weekend cheer.

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