Your Skin’s Guide To Surviving The Seasonal Wardrobe Shift

Having sensitive skin is like going through a breakup: It all seems so smooth on the surface, until one wrong move leads to loads of irritation — and then it all goes to shit. Throw in the whipping winds and colder temps that come with fall and winter, and everything quickly becomes a straight-up catastrophe for your face and body. Even things you'd never expect to be a problem, like swapping out your cotton shift dress for a heavy wool coat.
And sure, not every cool-weather fabric is itchy or redness-inducing, but higher quality materials tend to be — you guessed it — way more pricey. (Here's looking at you, cashmere.) So while tossing and replacing the stuff with new clothing sounds nice in theory, it's not always an option.
If you can relate, we've got solutions. Ahead, the biggest offenders you'll find in your closet this time of year — plus, the products you need to save your skin from the dramatic aftermath of a day spent in each. They're way more affordable than coughing over the dough for a silk scarf; in fact, you can even snag most of them at your local drugstore. Because you should spend your hard-earned cash on things that matter, like a trip to the Bahamas that doesn't require you to wear many clothes at all.

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