You Have To See The Beauty Prank Taking Over The Internet

Photo Courtesy: Lizette Galvan
Would your S.O. be cool with it if you turned up with your eyebrows shaved? Of course, we'd all love to believe they love us for us...but you never know, right?

According to BuzzFeed, 17-year-old Lizette Galvan from Fort Worth, Texas, had the genius idea to test out this theory after watching a YouTube tutorial of a beauty vlogger transforming herself into Yoda
— and the results were hilarious. Here’s how it went down: With the help of a glue stick, translucent powder, setting powder, orange concealer, and full-coverage concealer, Galvan temporarily erased one of her eyebrows, then texted her guy to share the news.

“'Bout to shave my brows,” she wrote. Her boyfriend responded with a simple, “Shave?”

“Yeah, hold up," she typed, before sending a picture with one brow gone.
Photo Courtesy: Lizette Galvan

Naturally, he didn’t believe her at first (because, denial), and typed back, “It's edited.” So she doubled down, sending him a Snap with both brows gone.
Photo Courtesy: Lizette Galvan
His response? “Babe. WTF.”

“Yeah,” she wrote back, explaining that she was trying new brow shapes.

“Baaaaabe,” he typed. We can just feel his anguish in each extraneous letter.

For extra emphasis, she texted him back a picture of some pretty cartoonish brows drawn on — along with a big smile. Got him.
Photo Courtesy: Lizette Galvan

After she shared the entire ordeal on Twitter, fans couldn't get enough.
Others took pity on her poor boyfriend and saluted his chill.
"As for how said boyfriend reacted to the prank, Galvan told BuzzFeed that the couple was “able to laugh about it.” Which is nice to hear; after all, all is fair in love and war (and beauty).
Photo Courtesy: Lizette Galvan

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