Joe & Jill Biden Are An Adorable Couple & Always Have Been

We're going to miss many, many things when President Barack Obama leaves the White House. But one of the things we will definitely miss most is Obama's right-hand man, Vice President Joe Biden.
Now, of course we're going to miss seeing all those Obama and Biden memes that have got us imagining what those two really talk about when alone in the Oval Office. (Seriously, just gives these two a TV show, podcast, anything.) But, we'll also hate saying goodbye to the guy who is trying to end sexual assault on college campuses, has been a guest star on two different TV shows — and officiated a wedding for two same-sex White House staffers.
But, most of all, we will miss seeing Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden on a regular basis.
We don't know if you've noticed, but these two are absolutely adorable. The couple, who have been married since 1977, steal kisses any chance they get. Rarely are they seen not holding hands. They support each other's passions and express such pride in one another. (Biden's Twitter bio is "Father, grandfather, husband to @DrBiden,) They're the epitome of #relationshipgoals. Seriously, find someone that looks at you the way Joe and Jill Biden look at each other.

While there's no scientific proof, it's safe to say looking at photos of the Bidens and they're infectious smiles are bound to make you smile, too. That's why we've put together a slideshow that with every click will make you love these two even more. But, not as much as they love each other.

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