JetBlue Is Selling $15 Plane Tickets Right Now, Because We've Earned It

Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images.
JetBlue is having a flash sale today, which is great, because we all really need a vacation.

With flights as low as $15, JetBlue can provide that welcome escape. Picture this: a bath, an assortment of peanut butter cups, and a copy of that Gabriel García Márquez book you've been meaning to read. (No, no, we trust you — you read of One Hundred Years Of Solitude cover to cover. Regardless, you should probably still bring it along.) Your phone is silent and you haven't checked Facebook in 24 hours. You've spent the last few nights with the most intoxicating mistress: sleep. Drooling yet? Us, too.

Fares are subject to limited availability, so you're going to have to move quickly. The sale has flights for between $15 and $60 — which is crazy. Even the most expensive flight offered is less than your average train ticket. You can fly to Florida for just $40, Cuba for $50, or NYC for under $20. And no, that's not a typo.

Set your OOO and get a cat/plant/dog sitter — you can't pass up this deal.

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