What The World’s Top Google Searches Reveal About Trump’s Win

Photo: Google Trends/Twitter.
Google searches in the months leading up to the election offered some interesting insights. They showed us the policies people were most curious about, and revealed a surge in searches on how to "move to Canada" after Donald Trump's "Super Tuesday" primary victories. They also led us to wonder if the large volume of Trump-related searches foreshadowed a win.
Of course, now we know the answer to that question. While no one — not even the polls — could have predicted Trump's shocking upset, Google searches before, during, and after an election can give you a sense of what people from all over the world are feeling and thinking.
Check out real-time searches here. Then, click through to see what people from the U.K. to Germany were googling as the votes rolled in and it became clear that "President Trump" was becoming a reality.

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