Is There A Big Plot Twist Coming For Kevin On This Is Us?

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
Can you handle any more twists on This Is Us? Can your eyes cry any more tears? No matter what your answer to those questions is, the NBC drama can't stop, won't stop pulling all of the emotional punches — and Kevin might be the next person at the center of the show's next big twist. Harper's Bazaar spoke to actor Justin Hartley about his character, Kevin, and what's to come for the Big Three. When asked about all of the twists that This Is Us tosses at the audience, such as Kevin, Kate, and Randall's real connection and where Jack is in the present day (answer: an urn in Kate's house), Hartley teased that we haven't seen anything yet. When asked about the most shocking shocker, Hartley told Harper's Bazaar: "Well, it's coming up, so I can't tell you." It's possible that the actor was hinting at a major twist to come for his very own former sitcom star. Executive producer Ken Olin teased that Kevin may receive his own reveal in an interview with Entertainment Weekly one that might make kid Kevin's perpetual neediness feel more warranted. "That’s a thing that is so beautiful is like how in these episodes you think, Wait a minute, there’s Kevin, who feels [neglected], for good reason...and then you come to this where it’s like, 'Well, we do have to acknowledge that maybe he is different.' "But they’re all different; maybe it isn’t about all being the same. Maybe it’s about them all being different," Olin teased in reference to Kevin's relationship with his family. "But at the same time, there’s a price that’s paid for that, and we’re going to see that going forward. What it always comes back to, and what I love about this, is our characters are limited." It makes you think: What might Kevin's limit be going forward? We already know that Kevin had significant trouble coping with his father's death and that his relationship with Jack felt a little more strained than Randall and Kate's. Why is that? Will it be explored in future episodes? This is This Is Us, so whatever comes out about Kevin and Jack's relationship will probably feel like the end of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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