Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown Is Now A Music Video Star

The girl who inspired 2016's most popular Halloween costume is back in action. This time, she's left her Eggos at home. Millie Bobby Brown, a.k.a. Stranger Things' nose-bleeding, waffle-feasting Eleven, is rocking a modern makeover as the star of Sigma's latest music video, for "Find Me," featuring vocals from Birdy. The clip finds the pint-size British TV star lip-syncing her heart out in a jazzy blue fur coat. She also seems to be zooming through the city while hanging out of a car's sunroof, which sure as hell beats riding shotgun on Mike's bicycle. The 12-year-old actress has no trouble capturing the emotional intensity of the song. If there's an award for Most Dramatic Facial Expressions in a Music Video, Brown's got it on lock. According to a tweet from Brown, she "absolutely loved" shooting the video. Um, yeah. What kid wouldn't?
Watch the full video, below. Be honest: This is totally what you look like when you're singing in the shower.

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