This Feature May FINALLY Come To The iPhone In 2017

Photo: Apple.
For the iPhone 7, Apple ditched one cable you used to plug into your phone by eliminating the headphone jack. But according to the latest rumor overseas, Apple could soon get rid of iPhone cables altogether — by introducing wireless charging. Wireless charging is basically the unicorn of iPhone rumors, bubbling up just about every year but never actually coming to fruition. While the iPhone currently still gets charged via its Lightning connector, other phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, already have wireless charging built in. But next year's iPhone may finally, truly get wireless charging. Or, at the least, the Nikkei Asian Review says that Foxconn is testing out wireless charging modules for Apple. Whether they're actually included in the upcoming handset depends on how production goes. Apple needs a high, cost-effective yield rate (the number of units that pass inspection after being produced) to consider including it in their handsets. Still, if the next iPhone (or the one after it) does include wireless charging, your iPhone would most likely still have its Lightning port. Sometimes you do still need it to plug into your computer — like if you want to back up your phone to iTunes; plus, if you don't want to wear wireless headphones, you can still plug your earbuds into this port. But it could mean you don't need to carry an iPhone charging cable in your purse anymore — and that would be excellent.

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