30 Times Kim Kardashian Was Low-Key Funny

Photo: KCR/REX/Shutterstock.
If you had to describe Kim Kardashian, what words would you choose? Rich, famous, and beautiful come to mind. But would you ever describe her as funny?
It's probably not the first quality to cross your mind, but what if I told you that she can be pretty witty? Believe it, because it's true. Kim Kardashian is no Kevin Hart. Often, her funniest moments are completely unintentional. But Kim does have a pretty good sense of humor and doesn't seem to take herself — or her image — too seriously. She's willing to joke about her persona and her husband's, too.
Whether on Twitter, Instagram, or one of her many reality shows, Kim can sometimes make you laugh. Not like, "I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying" laugh. More like, "Ha! Okay, that was a good one" laugh.
So we've rounded up 30 moments when Kim Kardashian was low-key funny. Although, now is a good time to admit that she's nowhere nearly as hilarious as Khloé. Is anyone?

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