The Best #ImWithHer Looks We’ve Spotted on Celebs

With the election just days away, countless celebrities have come forth to make their pick for president known. While some have announced their endorsements via tweet, so many others publicized their decision via T-shirt. And the results have been, as you could guess, pretty unanimous (phew). Lucky for them, this election season has yielded more merch than ever, ranging from the cheeky, to ridiculous, to just chic as hell.
For those stars who wouldn’t be caught dead in non-designer duds (we're looking at you, Anna), the past two seasons proved that the words “couture” and “campaign” are not mutually exclusive. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Diane von Furstenberg designed some pretty rad election gear, leaving us and said fashionable famous folk to pick from several Hillary-approved options.
We’ve pretty much lost count of how many election-inspired outfits Katy Perry has worn, but it’s safe to say she has more Hillary merch than Hillary does. Click through the slideshow ahead to see how celebrities like Rihanna, Julia Roberts, and Kendall Jenner made a political fashion statement (and snag their looks, if they're not already sold out).

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