The Craziest Political Swag You'll Find On The Internet Right Now

Step aside, old-school political merch. We're way past bumper stickers and buttons.

With the election just months away, people across the country are getting creative in how they boost their candidates — and causes — of choice.

From "Make America Great Again" nail art to Bernie Sanders mouse pads, there's no shortage of ways to show your support.

Maybe you're looking for a unique way to tell the world #ImWithHer. Or you're just in the mood to indulge in some light online shopping to distract from the upcoming months' madness.

Either way, we've got you covered with this collection of political swag that you have to see to believe. We've even thrown in an item that can magically transform any lazy Sunday into an up-close encounter with a certain woke bae world leader.

Ahead, check out purchases that will up your political style game. Most importantly, remember to vote this November!

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include the latest political swag, and will continue to be updated as additional merch comes out.
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Nothing screams "I LOVE YOU, TRUDEAU!" like these temp tattoos. (Please, love us back, you beautiful woke bae.)

ArtistNicoleLapointe Justin Trudeau Temporary Tattoos, $15, available on Etsy.
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WoodenAccessoriesCo Wooden Hillary Clinton cufflinks, $24.99-$34.99, available on Etsy.
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These stickers are a tribute to Trump's winning temperament.

LoyalNinja Donald Trump Expressions Sticker Pack, $4-$6, available on Etsy.
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A memento of what could be President Obama, Coachella Edition.

Keychainery Obama with a Flower Crown Keychain, $7, available on Etsy.
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A piñata is one of the Mexican things you should be whipping out this election.

PinatasUSA Donald Trump piñata, $22, available on Etsy.

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Show your love for Clinton and cursing.

SallyJessy Hillary Clinton Woman Card Enamel Pin, $12, available on Etsy.

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This is the best new party game. Believe me!

ThatPrintPlace Pin the Hair on Trump, $2.99, available on Etsy.

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Put these socks on and kick economic inequality in the butt!

Shweeet Bernie Sanders Socks, $13.99, available on Etsy.

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Still looking for a politics-related Halloween costume? The Johnson campaign has you covered.

Gary Johnson Big Head Mask (2-pack), $25, available on Johnson/Weld Shop.
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This phone case is what "peak millennial" looks like.

Jessguida "Hillary Clinton - Delete Your Account" phone case, $25, available on RedBubble.
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Never mind. This is.

Getonfleek Donald Trump Presidential Snapchat Joggers, $69.99, available here.

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Make Leslie Knope proud by cuddling up to this pillow.

Jessguida Joe Biden Pillow, $19.84, available on RedBubble.
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Coming to a dads-only music festival near you this fall!

Caffrin25 "Kaine and Biden's Harmonica Jam Band World Tour" T-Shirt, $24.80, available on RedBubble.
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If this mug is any indication, a sequel to The Patriot with Trump as the lead would win so hard.

Charles Meagher "Donald Trump Leading America Out of Hell…" Mug, $15, available on RedBubble.
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This is a life-size cardboard of a vice presidential candidate. Do you really need another reason to purchase it?

Advanced Graphics Mike Pence Life-Size Cardboard Standup, $39.99, available on Amazon.
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Time to make a basket of deplo… I mean, sugar cookies!

Copypastry Hillary + Trump cookie cutters, $30, available on Etsy.
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Wear this shirt and sing with us:

"He's going to call you on your cell phone, late night when he needs your vote."

NdogoDesign "Hotline Trump" Graphic T-Shirt, $29.50, available on RedBubble.
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Crack open a cold one and chill in Cedar Rapids like Hillary.

Chillary Clinton Can Holder Combo, $10, available on
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Does the sight of your cat's booty bother you? Stare at Donald Trump's face, instead!

Trump Hole Covers, Cat Butt Cover, $9.99, available here.

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Bernie! A kitty! The galaxy! What's not to love about this mouse pad?

Memeskins Mouse Pad, $9.47, available on Etsy.
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This hair scrunchie is for all the '90s girls saying #ImWithHer.

Hillary Scrunchies, $10.99, available at
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Match these 2016 presidential candidates Pop! Vinyl figures with your Game of Thrones ones!

Funko Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Pop! Vinyl Figures Set of 3, $40, available on Amazon.
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Have yourself a very Biden Christmas with this paper ornament.

FullSnowMoon Holiday Cheer with Uncle Joe Paper Ornament, $10, available on Etsy.
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Dress your baby in this awesome onesie and tell bedtime stories about economic and social injustice.

Haase Unlimited Bernie Sanders Is Magical Bodysuit, $7.95, available on Amazon.
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Even non-believers will want to use this set of candles and pray for the outcome of this election.

MoseMaryAndMe Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Saint Candle Set, $22, available on Etsy.
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This pendant is a winning pendant — Trump's favorite kind.

GuntherGrand, available on Etsy.
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If you've ever wanted to tell President Obama how to run this country, commanding this action figure is your chance.

FCTRY Obama Action Figure, $19.99, available at FCTRY.
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Tell your Mom that getting you socks can't wait until Christmas.

Foot Cardigan United Socks of America, $13, available at Foot Cardigan.
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Make your nails great again with these stickers! (Sorry, we had to.)

NWDesignStudio Donald Trump Make America Great Again Nail Decals, $3.99, available on Etsy.
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Show you're a fangirl of Florida's baby-faced senator with this punny shirt.

Merchmon Ru(bae)o Marco Rubio For President 2016 Election T-Shirt, $18.95, available at Merchmon.
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BONUS: Do we even need to explain why you need these leggings?

JUST3Js Justin Trudeau Leggings, $55.45, available on Etsy.

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