Jessica Biel Hardcore Trolled Justin Timberlake & It’s So Good

Voting is your civic duty — but, as Justin Timberlake found out on October 24, taking a selfie while in a voting booth can land you in jail. Of course, that didn't mean his wife Jessica Biel couldn't poke fun at her husband's faux pas. Timberlake, who cast his ballot early in Tennessee, uploaded his voting booth selfie to Instagram in order to encourage other people to hit the polls. He quickly took down the post after learning that it's illegal in the state to use your phone for anything other than informational purposes while inside the booth. A rep from the Shelby County D.A.'s Office told TMZ that the Timberlake case is "under review," and that the price the singer could pay would be 30 days in jail and a $50 fine. No good deed goes unpunished, and the person doing the punishing in this case was Biel, who posted her own hilarious selfie in response to her husband's recent drama.
The New Year's Eve actress won't get in trouble with the law for her snap, but Timberlake did fire back at his wife's epic trolling by regramming her picture with the caption: "Well played, Wifey. Well played... P.S. No selfies in the booth." Timberlake may want to follow Biel's lead and stick to a sticker selfie while encouraging fans to vote. Hopefully jabs from his wife will be the only repercussion Timberlake has to deal with from this debacle.

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