Did Justin Theroux Intentionally Dis Brad Pitt With This Instagram Post?

Assuming you haven't already seen The Girl on the Train, it's hard to not feel a bit of sympathy for Justin Theroux right now. Jennifer Aniston's husband has been caught in the crossfire of Brangelina's divorce, and the drama is heating up again.

It seems the actor was trying to make a point about the nasty side of politics when he posted an image by artist Nick Flatt of a girl making the "gag me" gesture with her middle finger. Behind her is a graffiti wall that reads "fuck war," "fuck politics," and so forth. It also happens to read "fuck Brad Pitt," and now everyone thinks Theroux is taking aim at his wife's ex-husband.
Not so, Theroux clarified in a hashtag. We assume that's what "#andNOthispostisNOTshadinganyonebecauseimnotelevenyearsold" is referencing. He does hate pickles, though.

Hilariously, more folks are leaping to the defense of pickles than of Pitt himself.

"Fuck pickles? Pickles are awesome," commented one fan.

"What did pickles ever do to anyone? #picklesforpresident," added another gherkin enthusiast.

Looks like Brad's on his own.


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